Brachial Plexus: patient testimony

(Patient below requested not to show face in video for preservation of identity)

FULL INTERVIEW: “I’m here for a Brachial plexus injury, seen by Dr. Jose Monsivais, whom specializes in these types of injuries and he has helped a lot since I’ve been here. Before I got here, I had about ten surgeries with almost eight different doctors, 6 and my arm was almost completely paralyzed and was between being amputated or not and when I saw him he fixed my nerves and did a graft. He transferred a nerve from my calf into my ribs and cleared out blockages (obstructions in the Brachial plexus)  from my nerves and I have felt better ever since. My arm has come back and I have been able to use it and it doesn’t hurt near as much, it is much better and I am still seeing improvements and I am happy with how recovery is going so far.”