Brachial Plexus: patient testimony #2

FULL INTERVIEW: “Hello, my name is Hector Gallegos and I have a Brachial plexus injury. My incident occurred on April 10th, 2018 and before I came here Doctors didn’t even know what I had, they just thought it was nerve damage and I was even referred to local neurologists but after I found Dr. Monsivais and this place and I was able to get immediate relief. He knows exactly what is going on and how to treat my condition and I hadn’t seen any results before coming here, everybody was just giving me pain medications and that’s it you know, you have this and there is no fix to this. The neurologists told me, ‘you know we are sorry but there is nothing we can do, we can give you an operation so you can have no pain but that’s about it.’ I didn’t like that answer so I looked around and I found this place and he knows exactly what is going on and he immediately scheduled surgery and right after the first surgery, I had relief from pain. Now this is my second surgery and my pain levels went down around 70% and now I feel good because there is someone local here in El paso that knows what’s going on and I am starting to see results. I have been seeing movement in my arm (LUE) and I have been going to therapy (PT/OT) and my hand completely came back. I am able to use my hand which I couldn’t before so even if I was not to get any better, I could still live a good life because I am able to do things¬† on my own, bathe, dress, drive and able to take care of my kids, and I am very very happy that I found this place and I highly recommend it. I feel that more doctors need to be aware that there is someone who specializes in what I have because I have heard of other cases where they couldn’t find anyone and they left town and who knows what happened afterwards, so I highly recommend him.”