Patient Testimonials

” I came to Dr.Monsivais at a point that I had lost all hope. Prior to my visit with Dr. Monsivais, I had open heart surgery. My sternal incision reopened after the surgery leaving me to deal with seven months of scrutiny. After numerous failed attempts to close my incision, I had given up. I did not think I would ever be healed or be able to live a normal life. At the end of my road I was referred to Dr. Monsivais. He eagerly took on the task that no one else could complete and he closed my chest. Within a short period of time, I begin to feel whole again. Dr. Monsivais is not only a humble man, but a miracle worker. I highly appreciate and recommend Dr. Monsivais and his staff. Without them I don’t know if I would be here. Thank you Dr. Monsivais !! Forever in my prayers. ”
Paul Ware 2016


“After 4 hand surgeries and having 2 surgeons telling me there was nothing more that could be done for my hand, you on my first appointment told me there was so much you could do for my hand. You gave me the hope I had lost of ever having a functional hand. Now after just one surgery with you, I’m able to move my fingers and wrist (something I was not able to do for almost 2 years and 4 surgeries), not to mention that my hand looks like a normal hand.
Thank you Dr. Monsivais for giving me hope of having a functioning normal hand again, you are a blessing to me and my Family.”

Best regards,
Amanda Gonzalez 2017
A very satisfied patient

“I am very pleased to have been recommended to be seen by Dr. Monsivais. I have heard nothing but very good results by persons that have seen him and have been treated by him.”

Juan M. Tarango 2018

“Hemos tiendo la experiencia maravillosa con el Dr. es una maravillosa persona muy buen Dr. muy amable muy profesional gracias a Dios por ponerlo en nuestro camino y tambien con las personas que trabajan con el son muy profesionales gracias por todos ellos. Gracias.”

Gabby DeAnda 2018

“El 27 de Septiembre el Dr. Monsivais me practico una cirusia de los nerbios del pie derecho y le doy gracias a Dios y a el Dr. que me fue muy bien tube my bien atendida gracias por el buen servicio 10 recomiendo mucho.”

A very satisfied patient 2018


Brachial Plexus Patient Testimonials:

“I was completely disabled for 6 months due to my injuries and when I met with Dr. Monsivais, he gave me hope. I started to see progress and my pain decreased by 70-80% after the first surgery. Dr. Monsivais really knows what he is doing and understands my injury.”

Hector Gallegos 2019

“I was on eight different medications for pain and had about nine procedures before meeting Dr. Monsivais. My injury dramatically changed my life but now I am on the road to recovery and very optimistic, the Doctor is very experienced, straight forward, and really knows what he is talking about. It is good to know someone here specializes in my type of injury.”

A very satisfied patient 2019